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Optimo Car Care was developed with the aim of creating affordable, easy to use and effective car care products that provides real results. Optimo Car Care products are user friendly products that even people with no experience of cleaning their cars can use with good results.

Engine Care

OPTIMO FUEL ENHANCEMENT PELLET is the answer for today’s discerning drivers. The focus is not only on better fuel economy but on a wide array of value like restored and improved engine power, cleaner and smoother engines, improved drivability, reduced engine maintenance cost and prolonging engine lifespan. 

Optimo Fuel System Cleaner is an ECO friendly fuel system cleaning solution, which contains no volatile organic solvents. It is specially formulated to remove gum and deposits from the fuel delivery system. It cleans the fuel pump, injectors, and intake valves. It restores your engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Exterior Care

OPTIMO WHEEL CLEANER PRO is a specially formulated cleaning agent designed to lift and remove stubborn brake dust, road grime, oil and dirt from the wheels without hard scrubbing. Wheel Cleaner is highly effective against brake dust and grime. Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on all types of wheels without harming the paint or the plated finish. For old wheels, Wheel Cleaner will lift and loosen the stubborn brake dust and grime making it very easy to clean with a brush. Just spray Wheel Cleaner on the wheels and watch it work!

OPTIMO EZY WASH creates the option of either regular washing with deep cleaning effect or contact free washing. Dilute the Ezy Wash solution 1 part Ezy Wash and 40 parts water for fast contact free washing using a high pressure water jet or 1 part Ezy Wash and 20 parts water for deep cleaning with a micro fibre cloth or sponge. Cleaning your car or your truck has never been easier.

Interior Care

OPTIMO SMART CLEANER is a two-in- one cleaner designed for cleaningleather, fabric and carpets. It is a non-toxic formulation that works quickly to lift dirt, oil and other stains from leather, fabric and carpets. It can be used in combination with the Optimo interior cleaning brush or directly on a micro fibre cloth. It can also be used to clean bags, tables, sofas and shoes. Smart cleaner is a handy cleaning solution for everyday use.

Optimo Cyclone Gun is designed to assist in the cleaning of surfaces when combined witheither Optimo Smart Cleaner or Optimo Stain Buster. When used with the top mount wetvacuum adaptor the Cyclone Gun can quickly clean and suck away the dirt from the surface.This speeds up the cleaning process and keeps the cleaned surface from getting too wet.

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