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Optimo Coating Maintenance is a quick and easy spray application to protect the glass or ceramic coating that has been applied to the car’s body. Optimo Coating Maintenance will allow the coating to retain its luster and hydrophobic effects for longer period of time. Optimo Coating Maintenance is compatible with glass or ceramic paint protection coatings.



1.       Wash the car with a shampoo

2.       After rinsing off the shampoo spray Coating Maintenance on the car while it is wet

3.       Spray sufficient amount to cover entire car

4.       Rinse off the Coating Maintenance with water

5.       Wipe dry the car body


For best results use Coating Maintenance every 3 months.


Warning: Do not ingest and do not spray into eyes.

Not flammable

Prolong coating protective effect and enhance the hydrophobic effect

After applying paint protection coating it is usually recommended to use a coating maintenance to prolong the protective effect of the coating. Optimo’s Coating Maintenance is a quick and easy solution that is sprayed directly onto the car body after washing and rinsed off with water. The Coating Maintenance will enhance the hydrophobic effect and help repel dirt from the coated surface. One application will last up to 3 months.

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