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SUN SHIELD is basically an existing concept that has been refreshed and improved upon for better application. The traditional window film has been around for decades and despite

it being effective in cutting heat and glare, it is also expensive and cumbersome to install. Optimo Sun Shield is much easier, cheaper and can work with existing tints on the window. Sun Shield works on the static cling concept and has no glue. The application process takes less than half the time of the regular tint and unlike traditional tint, Sun Shield can be removed and reused again!


  • On a car Optimo Sun Shield should be applied on the rear side windows, rear windshield and half of the two front side windows.

  • Can be used on building windows to reduce heat and glare. This is especially useful for west facing windows which get the afternoon sun.



    • High heat rejection of up to 85% and 89% UV rejection. • Reusable with no glue.
    • Significantly improve privacy.
    • Can be cut to shape of the window.

    • Does not obstruction power window operation. • Low cost and very effective.
    • No maintenance.

Sun Shield outside and inside view
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Sun Shield TUV tested

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