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FUEL ENHANCEMENT PELLET disperses fuel to smaller fuel droplets and speed up fuel burning process to completion before piston is in upward stroke.

RESULT of fuel atomization

•  Reduce wastage of Unburned         Fuel

•  Reduce Black Smoke

•  Reduce Toxic Gases

•  Reduce Green House Gases 

CO  reduction perKM 10-30% * achieves more mileage with every liter of fuel * for petrol engines



FUEL ENHANCEMENT PELLET cleans fuel delivery systems and combustion chamber to restore engine tp run at optimum design level. For older engines, Fuel Enhancement Pellet cleans and restores the fuel delivery system & combustion chamber. For newer engine, it ensures fuel delivery system & combustion chamber remain clean at all time.

RESULT of Clean Engine •  Reduce Carbon Deposit • Optimum Compression Ratio •  Reduce Engine Wear & Tear

Reduce Maintenance Cost *prolong engine lifespan *cleaner engine



With top cylinder lubrication, engine require less energy to push cylinder upward. Energy is reserved as torque and horse power to push vehicle. This enable engine to run smoother and quieter. Both cylinder and piston rings will be protected from frinction wear and tear hence engin last longer.

RESULT of lubrication

• Engine require less energy to        push cylinder upward

• Increase Torque

• Increase Horsepower

Engine runs Smoother &            Quieter

OPTIMO FUEL ENHANCEMENT PELLET is the answer for today’s discerning drivers. The focus is not only on better fuel economy but on a wide array of value like restored and improved engine power, cleaner and smoother engines, improved drivability, reduced engine maintenance cost and prolonging engine lifespan. Optimo Fuel Enhancement Pellet can be used for petrol vehicles. Fuel Enhancement Pellet mixes well with fuel and is suitable for superbikes, 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers and motorcycles.  

FUEL ENHANCEMENT PELLET is 100% formulated from natural plants esters. It is non toxic, environmental friendly and biodegradable. It is a well researched matured formula. It is non flammable & leaves no ash nor gum behind when it is burned with fuel. It is designed to address today’s competitive requirements for engine performance, fuel saving, maintance and protection of combustion engines as well as fulfilling social responsibility of keeping a greener earth. A truly Green Fuel Technology.

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Dyno Test on Myvi 1.3L at 3000 rpm Optimo Fuel Enhancement Pellet improves power by 13% !



Optimo Fuel Pellets & Optimo Fuel System cleaner work in combination to promote cleaner exhaust emissions and reduce fuel consumption with immediate effect.


We also have specific solutions to cater for truck and bus companies to reduce their fuel consumption and help with their emission problems.

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