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Optimo Cyclone Gun is designed to assist in the cleaning of surfaces when combined with
either Optimo Smart Cleaner or Optimo Stain Buster. When used with the top mount wet
vacuum adaptor the Cyclone Gun can quickly clean and suck away the dirt from the surface.
This speeds up the cleaning process and keeps the cleaned surface from getting too wet.
When used without the vacuum adaptor the spinning cyclone head spins up the cleaning
solution at high speed allowing for fast cleaning on any dirty surface. The Cyclone Gun can
be used to clean fabric, leather, mattresses, curtains, carpet, plastic, metal and car engines.


• Very fast cleaning action
• Comes with vacuum adaptor
• Works on multiple surfaces
• Reduces time taken to clean surfaces
• Quick visible results
• Durable
• Suitable for various cleaning solutions
• Adjustable trigger
• Comes with variety of vacuum hose connectors
Note: an air compressor or access to compressed air is required to run the Cyclone Gun.

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