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OPTIMO FUEL ENHANCEMENT PELLET is the answer for today’s discerning drivers. The focus is not only on better fuel economy but on a wide array of value like restored and improved engine power, cleaner and smoother engines, improved drivability, reduced engine maintenance cost and prolonging engine lifespan. 

OPTIMO FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER is an ECO friendly fuel system cleaning solution, which contains no volatile organic solvents. It is specially formulated to remove gum and deposits from the fuel delivery system. It cleans the fuel pump, injectors, and intake valves. It restores your engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Mileage extender.png

OPTIMO MILEAGE EXTENDER is an Advanced Bio Ester Fuel

Additive. It improves fuel combustion, cleans fuel delivery system and combustion chambers, as well as lubricates upper part of engine cylinders and valves.

Exterior Care

Stain Buster bottle

OPTIMO STAIN BUSTER is the latest in stain removal solution that works instantly to remove oxidation, water stains, acid rain stains and colour transfer stains. It’s alkaline based solution is safe on car body paint work and can be used on plastics, metal and rubber parts. Works on all car body colours. Keeping your car’s paint looking new is easy with Stain Buster.

OPTIMO WHEEL CLEANER PRO is a specially formulated cleaning agent designed to lift and remove stubborn brake dust, road grime, oil and dirt from the wheels without hard scrubbing. Wheel Cleaner is highly effective against brake dust and grime. Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on all types of wheels without harming the paint or the plated finish. For old wheels, Wheel Cleaner will lift and loosen the stubborn brake dust and grime making it very easy to clean with a brush. Just spray Wheel Cleaner on the wheels and watch it work!


OPTIMO EZY WASH creates the option of either regular washing with deep cleaning effect or contact free washing. Dilute the Ezy Wash solution 1 part Ezy Wash and 40 parts water for fast contact free washing using a high pressure water jet or 1 part Ezy Wash and 20 parts water for deep cleaning with a micro fibre cloth or sponge. Cleaning your car or your truck has never been easier.

OPTIMO AQUA SHIELD V2 is the second generation Aqua Shield temporary paint protection coating. Works the same as the original Aqua Shield but with improved gloss, water repellency and better protection. One application of Aqua shield V2 will last up to 6 months. Aqua Shield V2 will enable showroom shine and brings out vibrancy in the paint. The paint on bright coloured cars will look very vibrant and on dark coloured cars will have a deep luster. Aqua Shield V2 is not a wax and will not attract dust. Easy application!

Hydrophobic Shampoo bottle

OPTIMO HYDROPHOBIC SHAMPOO is exactly such a product that can do both without wax. Hydrophobic shampoo contains no wax and forms a hydrophobic layer as the car is being wash. It will help to keep the car cleaner for longer and extend the duration between washes since it can repel dirt and grime from the car’s body.

Watermark Remover Shampoo bottle

OPTIMO WATERMARK REMOVER SHAMPOO is a quick and easy way to remove mild water stains on the car by just washing. After driving in the rain, dried rain water will often leave water marks if the car dries under the sun. This can be difficult to remove after sometime. Water mark remover shampoo is designed to help remove the water marks without harming the paint.

OPTIMO SMART CLEANER is a two-in- one cleaner designed for cleaningleather, fabric and carpets. It is a non-toxic formulation that works quickly to lift dirt, oil and other stains from leather, fabric and carpets. It can be used in combination with the Optimo interior cleaning brush or directly on a micro fibre cloth. It can also be used to clean bags, tables, sofas and shoes. Smart cleaner is a handy cleaning solution for everyday use.

Interior Care

OPTIMO LEATHER PROTECTOR is a one step protector for leather and vinyl to resist stains and dirt build up. The unique water based formula gives it rich and natural look without any oil, slippery

feel. One application will last between 4-6 months depending on the frequency of usage of the leather or vinyl surface. Optimo Leather protector will protect against UV and prevent the leather from hardening.

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