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Carbon build-up in combustion engines is a natural occurrence. As the mileage of an engine increases the carbon build-up will also increase as complete combustion does not exist.
This is especially evident in modern direct injection engines. The engine loses power and reduces fuel economy as a result of carbon build up.

Optimo Engine Decarbonizer quickly and effectively removes stubborn carbon deposits from engine piston tops
to reduce wear and tear on the engine without any damage to the pistons and its surrounding components.
The decarbonizing process will take only 20 minutes without the need to use any expensive special equipment. 


•Restores engine power and fuel economy.
•Decarbonizing can be done on cars from 30,000km onwards.
•Safe on engine components.
•Instant results.
•Simple and fast process.
•Easy application for workshops with minimal down time.
•Visible difference when viewed through a boroscope.
•Works on petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles.

box+ bottle engine decarboniser.png

Optimo Decarboniser


•One-step solution.
•Fast and effective.
•20 minutes process.
•Works on petrol and diesel engines.
•Able to remove even old stubborn carbon from high mileage engines.
•Decarbonizing can be done without special equipment.
•Instant effect.

Competitor's solution

•Requires expensive equipment.
•Take up to 1 hour to complete.
•Old stubborn carbon may require more than 1 treatment.
•Engine needs to be revved hard to remove carbon after treatment.
•Needs trained technician to operate the equipment.

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