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About Us

Optimo Car Care was developed with the aim of creating affordable, easy to use and effective car care products that provides real results. Optimo Car Care products are user friendly products that even people with no experience of cleaning their cars can use with good results.


All Optimo Car Care products are made from top grade materials and are NOT made in China! All the product ingredients are sourced from Japan, Europe and USA, and all meet stringent quality control tests.

Our demonstration videos are of actual usage with no editing.


With Optimo Car Care products we make you look like the pro!


Distributorship inquiries are welcomed. Please email us for details about distributorship opportunities.

Story of Optimo Car Care

Optimo Car Care came about to solve a common problem faced by many modern day car owners. Car ownership is on the rise but yet car owners are too busy to wash their own cars and send their cars to the local car wash to have it cleaned. There is no problem with this concept except that the many people working at the local car washes are not particularly well trained in washing the car and also many car wash shops hire cheap foreign labour that have no clue about how to properly wash a car. The net result is potential scratching of the car when wrong types of tools are used for cleaning the car and also using wrong chemicals.Some cheaper cars had the clear coat eroded away by using wrong types of cleaning chemicals. Naturally this will result in the car’s paint looking more and more faded as time went on. This can be extremely frustrating for car owners since buying a car is never cheap.


Many companies that supply cleaning chemicals offer a wide range of products but many of these products are not as simple to use and this often leads to trouble when the untrained or uneducated car wash attendant simply uses the chemicals at the wrong time or on the wrong part of the car. We have all seen so many cars being scratched during the washing process and many cases of damaged paint work when a buffing machine is used.


Optimo Car Care was developed with the aim of being extremely easy to use, anyone can do it and get great results without breaking a sweat. By eliminating the potential error in usage Optimo Car Care is able to help anyone obtain great results without any specific skill. Optimo Car Care products can be hand applied to eliminate the damage caused by using buffing machines and help restore the shine of the car’s paint. Optimo’s range of products requires no skill to apply and offer effective and quick results.Optimo’s products are safe on the surface and can be used repeatedly without any risk of damage.


Optimo Car Care products are available in ready to use Do-It-yourself packaging or bulk packaging for retailer use.


Optimo Car Care’s products are affordable, proven to be highly effective and extremely easy to use.


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