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Engine Care


OPTIMO FUEL ENHANCEMENT PELLET is the answer for today’s discerning drivers. The focus is not only on better fuel economy but on a wide array of value like restored and improved engine power, cleaner and smoother engines, improved drivability, reduced engine maintenance cost and prolonging engine lifespan. 

Optimo Fuel System Cleaner is an ECO friendly fuel system cleaning solution, which contains no volatile organic solvents. It is specially formulated to remove gum and deposits from the fuel delivery system. It cleans the fuel pump, injectors, and intake valves. It restores your engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Mileage extender.png

OPTIMO MILEAGE EXTENDER is an Advanced Bio Ester Fuel

Additive. It improves fuel combustion, cleans fuel delivery system and combustion chambers, as well as lubricates upper part of engine cylinders and valves.

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