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Optimo's unique glass and ceramic combination paint protection coating is an ultra durable protective coating that sits on sits on the paint surface to provide protection from the sun, rain, dirt, oil and dead bugs. The special combination creates a super glossy effect while offering amazing water repelling properties which make the protected surface extremely easy to clean.

Once applied the protection starts immediately with literally no down time unlike glass coating which need several days to cure. With one application Hybrid 360 Body Shield will last 3 to 5 years with no deterioration in protection. Keeps the car looking like new for years to come.

Bodu Shield bottle


• Strong anti uv protection.
• Super water repelling effect.
• Extremely easy to clean.
• Can be used on wheels as well.

• Easy application.
• Ultra durable.
• High gloss effect.
• Super heat resistant.

Optimo Body shield coating: Super hydrophobic effect with high gloss and all weather protection. 
- anti UV protection 
- resistant to oxidation build up 
- easy to clean
- resists stains, bird droppings, tar and grime
- no incubation period after application, car can be driven immediately after application 
- affordable
- durable 
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Hydrophobic effect
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