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PAINT & PLASTIC REVIVER is a one step application that is designed for quick and easy revival of old faded paint work and plastic parts to look like new in matter of seconds. The

Optimo’s Paint & Plastic Reviver applicator cloth comes pre-soaked with the special proprietary solution that will turn the paint and plastic component back to look like new without leaving a sticky or oily residue. The best part is that one application can easily last more than 1 year before the paint or plastic component start to fade.

Paint and plastic reviver before and after effect


• Revive old paint work and plastic parts in seconds.

• Provides long term protection against UV damage.

• Suitable for interior and exterior plastic parts.
• Simple wipe on application.

• Non sticky and non oily.

• Quick drying.

Paint and Plastic reviver bottle

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Benefit of paint and plastic reviver
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