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HYBRID 360 RAIN SHIELD is a specially formulated rain repellent for glass and windshield designed to improve visibility when driving in the rain. The unique non-silicone formula

adheres to the glass surface for long lasting effect while promoting ultra fast water repelling effect to drain away rain from speed of 50km/h onwards.

Hybrid 360 Rain Shield is extremely easy to apply and will last up to 6 months with each application. Once applied according to instructions the rain repelling effect works immediately and will not cause the wipers to judder unlike other brands. Visibility is tremendously improved especially when driving at night in the rain.


• Long last effect per application up to 6 months.

• Easy to apply.
• Starts working even at low speed.
• Non abrasive.

• Tremendously improves visibility.
• Immediate effect.
• Wipers do not judder.
• Anti static effect that prevents dust from adhering to the surface.

OPTIMO RAIN SHIELD works to repel rain on the windshield with great durability of up to 6 months per application. The Complete DIY application of Rain Shield includes Optimo Glass Compound, Rain Shield solution (sufficient for 1 year’s application) and applicator pad. This quick and easy kit allows the user to adequately clean the windshield and apply Rain Shield by themselves.

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