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Cleaning Accessories



Driving over a freshly tarred road may sound good but the horror comes when you have to clean the car. Freshly tarred roads often have many tiny rocks that are covered with tar and bitumen which then flick up onto the body of the car when the car is driven over it. The tar covered rocks will leave sticky tar stains on the car’s body that are incredibly difficult to clean.


Traditionally to remove the tar stains one would need to use a clay bar and water. However, this is only effective when the clay is of good quality. Low quality clay can result in clay bits getting stuck on the surface of the car body making it more troublesome during the cleaning process.


Optimo Clay Fabric is a new generation of cleaning clay that is embedded onto a piece of microfiber cloth to enable smoother and easier cleaning of tar stains without leaving bits of clay on the body of the car. The clay is only embedded on one side leaving the reverse side open for cleaning and drying the car. The Clay Fabric can be washed and reused up to 100 times making it more economical to use in the long term than normal clay detailing clay bars.

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